Bringing In The Sheaves - 48 Hour Film Project Dublin 2014

We were given Western this year:
And we also had to include
Prop: Umbrella
Character: Corneilius Sharkey, Marine Biologist
Line of Dialogue: Sure why don't you build the Berlin wall while you're at it

Written & Direct By Frank & Emmet McCaughey
Manuel Pombo: Pablo
Chloe Doyle: Daughter
Keith Tobin: Curtis
Frank McCaughey: Cornelius
Faye McCaughey: Younger  Daughter
Dylan McCaughey: Son

Cinematography: Emmet McCaughey
Assistant Director: Keith Tobin
Music: Eanan Patterson
Sound: Emmet McCaughey
Edited: Frank McCaughey

48 Hour Film Project Dublin 2013

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Short Film won 3 awards at the 48 Hour Film Project Dublin 2013.
Winner of BEST FILM
Winner of Best writing
And winner Best use of prop

Required Elements: 
Character: Declan or Deirdre Cohalan,
Designer Prop: A trophy
Line: "That's the worst thing I've heard in my entire life." (or "That is the worst thing I have heard in my entire life.")
Genre: Science Fiction Movie

Created for the 48 hour film project in Dublin 2013.
Frank McCaughey- David
Emmet McCaughey- Younger David
John Campbell - Declan
Music & Special Thanks to Eanan Patterson
Written & Directed by Frank & Emmet McCaughey