Zero & One - a film about non-duality

Zero & One - A film about non-duality from Violens Films on Vimeo.

In 2016 I went across Europe to interview 4 different speakers on this rarest of subjects called non-duality.

This film documents those interviews.
I have tried as much as possible to get out of the way of what is being said here. In other words, there is no nice voice over story of me and my search and why etc. Just my reaction to being greeted with a message that in essence says, the self is psychosematic illusion.
In my more optimistic moments, I like to think of this film as a song that sings its own music in a language that is not understandable and each and everyone will have their own interpretation of it. For me, it is one of frustration. I look back and wonder whether I didn't challenge what was being said enough. But it is quite difficult when in a horrible way it makes sense. Saying it is bullshit doesn't make it bullshit or not bullshit.

This film is for those who are interested in the area of non-duality. I couldn't really recommend it to anyone else unless you like to watch something that makes no sense whatsoever.

Tony Parsons
Kenneth Madden
Jim Newman
Andreas Muller

Bringing In The Sheaves - 48 Hour Film Project Dublin 2014

We were given Western this year:
And we also had to include
Prop: Umbrella
Character: Corneilius Sharkey, Marine Biologist
Line of Dialogue: Sure why don't you build the Berlin wall while you're at it

Written & Direct By Frank & Emmet McCaughey
Manuel Pombo: Pablo
Chloe Doyle: Daughter
Keith Tobin: Curtis
Frank McCaughey: Cornelius
Faye McCaughey: Younger  Daughter
Dylan McCaughey: Son

Cinematography: Emmet McCaughey
Assistant Director: Keith Tobin
Music: Eanan Patterson
Sound: Emmet McCaughey
Edited: Frank McCaughey

48 Hour Film Project Dublin 2013

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Short Film won 3 awards at the 48 Hour Film Project Dublin 2013.
Winner of BEST FILM
Winner of Best writing
And winner Best use of prop

Required Elements: 
Character: Declan or Deirdre Cohalan,
Designer Prop: A trophy
Line: "That's the worst thing I've heard in my entire life." (or "That is the worst thing I have heard in my entire life.")
Genre: Science Fiction Movie

Created for the 48 hour film project in Dublin 2013.
Frank McCaughey- David
Emmet McCaughey- Younger David
John Campbell - Declan
Music & Special Thanks to Eanan Patterson
Written & Directed by Frank & Emmet McCaughey